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"No," the man replied,

"All right, then, it's none of your concern."

"Well, we will have 'fore long"—a chunky man with a
pock-marked face stepped up even with the officer, and
nodded toward Mr. Munn. "You're Percy Munn, I know
you. You're one of 'em, too. They'll be gitten a warrant
for you, all right."

"I reckon you're a deputy," Mr. Munn said, and looked at
the man.

"Yeah," the man admitted.

"Well," Mr. Munn declared judicially, "I'm glad to see
the deputies they got over here in Hunter County are as big
sons-of-bitches as the deputies we got over at Bardsville."

"I'll-----" The chunky man raised his clenched fist, as

though for a blow, and took a step toward Mr. Munn.

"You better be trying to get what you came for," the
lieutenant said shortly.

The chunky man lowered his fist. "What's in there?" he
demanded, and nodded toward the closed door across the

Mr. Munn did not answer.

"My daughters are in there," Professor Ball, standing at
the hall door, told him.

" Well, I reckon they ain't turned in yet," the deputy said,
and crossed to jerk open the door.

The women there, faces raised as though in surprise, were
sitting about the lamp, their sewing on their knees.

"I suppose," Mr. Munn remarked to the officer, "they
have to pay you good money to make you get caught out
with that"—and with a nod he indicated the chunky man.
"Or," Mr. Munn added, "do you like it?"

The officer opened his lips as though to speak. Then, after
an instant, he asked, " What's out that way?" And he pointed
beyond the room where the women still sat, with their faces
raised in question.

"Bedrooms," Professor Ball replied, "where some boys
sleep. Pupils of mine," he added